About Us

About Us

Nancy Brewington

Nancy Brewington owner Hands n Harmony wellness center

Meet our CEO and Founder of Hands N Harmony, LLC

How It All Began

Nancy’s passion for health, wellness and serving others, and years of experience in the medical field, have guided her journey in owning and operating Hands N Harmony.

It all began in 1997, after Nancy completed 20 years of service in the United States Army.  She committed to continue serving her community as a volunteer, and in 2000, decided to go on a medical mission trip to Ecuador with her church. The trip was profound for Nancy.  She admired how the medical staff helped those in need and a desire grew in her to do the same. She decided to return to school and pursue nursing, and her career as an RN began in 2006.

She realized there was a need for wellness education in her community.  Many of her patients had a common problem: a lack of information and available resources to help them live a healthy life.  She realized this was how she was going to continue to help. Nancy decided to go back to school (for a third time!) to study massage therapy and opened Hands N Harmony in 2011, upon receiving her massage therapist license.

Nancy holds a BS in Biology, Premed from Lincoln University, and retired from the U.S. Army as a Major, Transportation Corps.

The Hands N Harmony Team

Michelle Alvarado

Michelle is a recent graduate from the River City Massage School and she comes with high kudos from the school

Martita Chavez

Martita has over 12 years experience as a Massage Therapist. she specializes in Swedish, Therapeutic, prenatal, Neuronmuscular, Raindrop, Reflexology, Reiki and Trigger Point.

Our Mission

The mission of Hands N Harmony Wellness Center is to provide our clients and community partners with the services, resources and tools that will enable them towards making effective decision in achieving Total Lifestyle Changes (TLC).

Our Vision

To be the premier wellness center in San Antonio and surrounding communities, where complementary therapies are integrated with conventional medicine to provide a personalized holistic health care experience.

We Believe

The pathway towards wellness for each person is a journey that requires commitment, individualize resources and support.  We believe in providing the highest quality resources, tools and supportive services available to help clients achieve a healthier and harmonious life journey.





What Are We All About?

Hands N Harmony, LLC, is a Holistic wellness center that takes an integrative approach towards wellness. Our owner, Nancy Brewington, has been in the health care field for over 10 years, and has developed a 4 pillar system where we treat the Physical, the Emotional, the Spiritual, and the Energetic aspects of the individual.

We believe we are set apart from the "health club" scene by several factors- with our inviting and warm atmosphere, commercially zoned store front (as opposed to an industrial "building"), professional staff and our desire to educate and treat consumers as a whole being.  We believe that to accomplish this our mission is to provide and educate our client and our community partners with lifelong healthy habits - not just cookie cutter but developing individual plans and services treating each client as individuals who are seeking a more holistic style of living.

veteran helping veterans wellness texas

Veteran Helping Veterans

Hands N Harmony is a Holistic Wellness center created to provide affordable and innovative wellness services and classes to help our community and in particular, our veterans. We have complementary alternative medical practices proven to help alleviate stress related injuries, promote stress reduction, and stress management through Massage, Reiki, Yogo, QiGong, and Meditation.

There have been numerous studies on Holistic/Complementary Medicine practices and their impact in treating symptoms of PTSD and other stress related injuries.